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From lush green rainforests, to sweeping plains, from grasslands to wetlands, from streams to lagoons to swamps and marshes – Sri Lanka is home to ecosystems that are as diverse as they are breathtakingly beautiful. And in turn, these carefully untouched locations are home to 92 species of mammals, 242 butterfly & 117 dragonfly species, 190 species of reptiles (of which 98 species are of snakes, while the remaining are of mainly lizards, crocodiles and turtles), and 102 amphibian species.
Catch a sighting of the mischievous Sloth Bear, the magnificent Sri Lanka Leopard, the regal Sambar or the incredible Mugger Crocodile, or the endemic Purple Faced Langur. However, the most special aspect of Sri Lankan wildlife is of course the Sri Lankan Elephant. These giant, majestic creatures are often a top-favourite with visiting wildlife-lovers. Elephant lovers should make time to visit Sri Lanka between June and September – the dry season. This special season sees what is known as “the gathering” by the Minneriya Lake – a congregation of more than 300 of these large, splendid mammals gather around the lake, attracted by the lush green grass and the already thinning waters of the Minneriya tank.
The experience of watching and observing wildlife in their natural habitat can be a life-changing and awe-inspiring one. With approximately 501 protected areas in Sri Lanka, that include national parks, nature reserves and a National Heritage forest, Sri Lanka is the ideal place for an exciting, totally sustainable wildlife-focused holiday.
Checklist of the Amphibians
Checklist of the Mammals