Birds of Sri Lanka
A rare ground dwelling species is present in the dense forests of the southern part of the island.  Essentially a forest bird that can be found infrequently...
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Upali Ekanayake is the senior most Ornithological Tour Leader in Sri Lanka and is the Director Operations of Starron Bird & Wildlife Tours Ltd.
Upali Ekanayake

aving a total of 443 bird species comprising of endemic, resident and migrants, Sri Lanka is a irresistible birding destination for observing a wonderful variety within a relatively short period in a compact area.  Of this total, recent taxonomic revision in Rasmussen & Anderton (2005) brings up the number of endemic species in the island to 33.  Also there are 53 species which are endemic to India and Sri Lanka.  Starting from wet zone jungles to the dry zone wetlands a birding tours provide an excellent chance of observing a fascinating diversity of the island’s avifauna. With an experienced professional birdwatcher’s guidance this can be an unforgettable birding experience.  As said before, due to its manageable small size the visitor can comfortably visit virtually all of the good sites in the country in the space of two weeks. Also the visitor with limited time can be prudent and  combine the sites for endemics with sites of general wildlife interest and archaeological/cultural sites

All visiting birdwatchers to the island would like to observe all or as many as possible of the above birds and add them to their ‘life list’.  Among these the top priority would go to Sri Lanka Endemics and species endemic to both India and Sri Lanka.  Also among these would be some migrants from North India and Central Asia.  

Important:  From 1st January 2012 it is mandatory that all tourists arriving in Sri Lanka to fill in the ETA form and apply for visa prior to arrival. For more information please log on to